Why Ungrounded Outlets Are Dangerous

A professional of electrical systems must have the prowess to deal with both safety and security. It is often noticed in OKC that electricians are called for emergency purposes to handle certain hazards. Many people ask why, despite installing secure products in their home, they have suffered from an hazards. These can damage the entire system, cause property loss and fire breakouts as well. Electricity is volatile by nature, but if you hire a reputable electrical company for the installation of your electrical system, the risk of these problems reduce.

The electrician in OKC has identified the most common reasons for electrical hazards. An ungrounded outlet is one of them. If you don’t have any idea about the reason for this, here is some basic information for you.

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A Brief About Ungrounded Outlets

You have heard the term ungrounded outlets, but you may not know what it actually means. You will see a ‘Three Prong Configuration’ in homes with the standard setup of outlets. Two of the three configurations have a longer opening and the third one creates a circle under the other two. This is the smallest one but significant to make the outlet grounded.

If anything goes wrong with the outlet, such as a transient charge, the grounding wire transmits the charge to the ground. If the outlet is grounded, this situation can be handled smoothly, otherwise, the overload will have nowhere to go and it will follow the closest current. This can be anything, any appliances, any organic object, or anything else. As a consequence, it can cause a fire.

Until the mid 60’s, ungrounded outlets were standard. But looking when people saw the threat it posed and the frequent problems people were facing, grounded outlets became standardized. Installation of outlets should be done by a professional, not only because they know the right procedures to follow, but they know also know the codes in your state as well. The electrician in OKC, recommends updating outlets immediately after their expiry. Also, this is a must for a new home you are moving into.

People who have not changed the ungrounded outlet settings in their home, should think of replacing them soon to avoid this electrical hazard. The replacement of them is easy, however, without adequate knowledge, the endeavor is not encouraged, so it should be completed by a professional electrician in OKC

If you want to replace your ungrounded outlets, or need an expert for anything pertaining to the electrical system of your home, come to us. Prolectric Contractors is a group of proficient electricians who can help you to prevent hazards and always be safe.