When Should You Call an Emergency Electrician?

The average DIY homeowner will find it difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot electrical problems within their home. It can be dangerous to work with electricity and requires adequate measures to prevent electrical fires. In these cases, a call to a qualified emergency electrician in Oklahoma City, OK, will be of help.

You may need emergency electrician services if you notice any of the following:

Burning Smell

The plastic coating may melt when the electrical wires get too hot. There may be a serious problem with your wiring if you smell the burning plastic or a etallic burnt smell.

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Burn Marks

There is a problem with the sign of dark-colored burn marks on outlets.

Flooded Basement

Don't enter the basement area if your basement flooded and there are electrical outlets, equipment or other electrical wiring devices under the water. Call the emergency electrician in Oklahoma City, OK, if your breaker box is in the basement, to temporarily shut down the supply to your home.

Smoke or Sparks

It is very dangerous if you see smoke or flashes coming out of an outlet when something has been plugged in. Turn off the breaker and if a fire has started obviously call the fire department. Call an emergency electrician in Oklahoma City, OK, for repair service once your home is safe.

Temperature Rise in Cords or Outlets

When the electric cords are plugged into an outlet and their temperature rises, it means that an electrical problem is in progress. Switch off and disconnect the device and flip the breaker.

Blowing of Breaker or Fuse

Tripping of breakers or blowing fuses means the circuit is overloaded and the breaker or fuse is not able to handle it.

Humming or Buzzing Sound

If an unusual humming sound is heard, it might mean that the cable attached to the breaker or fuse plug is loose. The breaker or fuse plug may also be defective and must be changed.

There are many benefits of recruiting an emergency electrician in Oklahoma City, OK. Among them are prominent:

  • Even on public holidays, we work. For a holiday you don't have to worry about solving any electrical problem at home. Just call us, and we will be happy to do the necessary service.

  • Service can be expected at unusual hours. If there's an emergency, call your electrician anytime, in the afternoon or the evening, and we'll be at your door at the soonest time.

  • Moreover, their specialty is quick response. In a matter of minutes, we will report to the emergency. This excellent service makes them popular with consumers.

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Do not delay the search for help when dealing with a potential emergency or other electrical problem. In Oklahoma City, OK, contact Prolectric Contractors for an emergency electrician and regular electrical repair services.