When Bugs Invade Electrical Lines – What to Do?

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Have your power supplies stopped working suddenly? Although there might be several reasons, one possible culprit is a bug infestation. Roaches, termites, and fire ants love hiding and nesting in the dark, out-of-sight locations and these include power outlets. These criteria separate not only corrosive materials the bugs make and chewing up wiring, but also cause significant damage in addition to leaving you with dead outlets that an electrician needs to remedy.


Several insects have a particular affinity with electrical hardware, but some are still somewhat mysterious. For example, fire ants are notorious for collecting on electric boxes and signal switches.

However, the destructive strength of these insects is what electricians understand. Not only can ants ruin the cables, but they also release alarm pheromones instinctively when they are electrified. The pheromones call up additional ants that can also be electrified and the area can be quickly overwhelmed by dead ants, resulting in a short circuit.

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Remove Bugs

You may want to call a 24-hour electrician in OKC, but consider calling an insect control specialist when you discover an infestation in one or more of your outlets. The bugs must always be dealt with first and under the expertise of a professional, especially when your walls are infested. If their carcasses start to attract a new type of pest, chemicals can be even less potent to kill unexpected insects.

Guide to Remove Insects

Know It Is a Real Bug problem

Look around or just below the outlet for hints. Roaches could leave fecal droppings, which look like small, black dots and termites leave nests that look like clumps of mud. Fireants are easy to spot because they often form paths from and to the outlet. Open the fuse box and turn off the main circuit breaker if you notice any of these signals.

Fix and Removal Method

Do not spray pesticides directly in the outlet if an infestation occurs, as it could further damage the electrical system. Try to evaluate the extent of the infestation and decide on the way to eliminate the bugs. Spray pesticides or dust boric acid in the inside of the outlet cover to remedy a minor infestation. However, to get rid of bugs and stop them coming back, a serious infestation will require professional pest control.

After the bugs have been removed, outlets may not yet function. However, even if you can operate your devices again from the outlet, call a licensed electrician to conduct a thorough inspection. This is essential because the electrical cables may have suffered damaging effects which might lead to a short circuit or fire later. To restore the functionality of your outlet, the electrician will inspect and replace damaged cables.

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Our 24-hour electrician in OKC would always be at your service in need. Call us if insects intrude your electrical line and put it in danger.