Ways for Reducing Emissions and Saving Energy

Power savings

Controlling or reducing energy use in your home not only reduces your energy bill but also helps decrease emissions to the environment. Electricians in OKC have a handful of tips to make your home more energy efficient.

Appliances – Pay Attention

You might be surprised that, even if they are not used, many household appliances still pull energy. TVs, microwave ovens, computers, and laundry machines are famous for their continuous consumption of energy while not in use. Try out a timed switch to shut off power to appliances when you’re not using them, such as night time, and try to buy Energy Star rated products to maximize your energy savings.

Solar Panel


Heating and air conditioning account for a major part of household energy consumption. House owners interested in savings and reductions in emissions long-term should consider upgrading their home insulation and shifting to geothermal or solar for better efficiency of temperature control for the home.


As an integral part of the household, over 10% of the energy used by a household goes to lighting. Fortunately, reducing energy consumption with lighting is as easy as replacing existing bulbs with energy-efficient ones as they go out. But, be cautious! Although CFL bulbs save energy and emissions, they are made of environmentally harmful and toxic mercury. Consider using LED bulbs to reduce your energy use without damaging the environment.

Solar water heater

Do Laundry More Efficiently

When you imagine what uses electricity in your home, you might forget about hot water. Though many homes in Oklahoma use gas water heaters, if yours is electric it will increase the power you consume if you wash your clothes with warm water. Consider switching to cold water cycles to lower your energy consumption while washing. Installation of a solar water heater is the best option for saving energy long-term, considering how much sun we get here!

Reducing the electricity bill is not costly. Many householders have reigned in their energy use successfully by simply disconnecting household appliances and using cold water during most washing cycles. However, if you are prepared to invest, think about upgrading your source of electricity to solar panels or a wind turbine. If you have any questions regarding electrical efficiency, contact our experts!

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