Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures and Boost Your Property Value

It's difficult to upgrade lighting without an electrician in OKC when it comes to affordable ways of reducing energy use. By combining the advantages in LED fitting with the use of advanced controls, this move can lead any home or business to a new degree of efficiency.

Interior Lighting

Existing Lighting Fixtures

The exact counting of your existing equipment is essential for proper retrofit planning. It's just not enough to say ten or so new fixtures. What are the lamps already in existence? What purpose do they serve? Their locations are important for light output and color and style. How old the existing installations are is important because the electrician in OKC usually determines performance by these details.

The Right Type of LED Is Important

LED is certainly today's and tomorrow's technology. The correct LED bulb or fixture should be specified.

  • Check that it’s either listed as DLC or Energy Star.

  • Make sure the output is equal to or higher than your existing installation.

  • Ensure that the right color temperature is specified.

  • At least 90 lumens per watt are good LED performance. It's better to do more.

  • The standard practice is typically product warranties for five years. Some manufacturers have guarantees for seven years and ten years.

Simplicity Wins

It can be tempting to design an overly complicated system of control in a project in today's LED world, with each fixture featuring built-in dimming. However, it's still best to keep it simple. Auto-on and off are convenient but it’s good not to train people to ignore basic power usage habits, like turning things off when they’re done.

Wireless Light and a remote to control it

Wireless Is Trending

The functionality of wireless control has considerably been improved in recent years, while costs have fallen for this technology. Please note that this can also help control lighting in various rooms to adapt to the timely needs of each user. The ability to communicate between both interior and exterior lighting has also improved with advanced controls.

The Security System

Indoor and outdoor areas where safety is important for owners and visitors should be well-lit. Safety is of the utmost importance and may affect both individual well-being and that of tenants and customers for commercial property. Although energy efficiency and durability are obvious objectives, when evaluating lighting requirements, the programming and scheduling of all lighting must be considered.



There is a lot about discounts and how much money is available for light upgrades. You should start from a simple ROI location when planning a retrofit. This ensures that you can benefit from the retrofit at the primary level by simply lowering the energy bill. Once this becomes a primary feature, the next step is to identify which reimbursement is the most efficient way to reduce the payback time. If the discount strategy is a sound one, payback periods can often be shortened from 5 to 3 years or less.


A proactive, preventive approach to lighting maintenance can cut costs and maintain a smooth operation of your home or business.

  • Reduce interruptions due to light outages

  • maintain a high level of productivity

  • keep energy costs low

Do not hesitate to call our team to ensure that your commercial lighting system runs smoothly. With the installation, establishment of the maintenance schedule and regular inspections and repairs we would be pleased to support you. Come to us at Prolectric Contractors for an efficient team to perform the job skillfully.