Top 7 Rocking Ideas of Lighting for Poolside Parties

poolside lighting

If you have a swimming pool in your backyard, your place may be voted as the best party place among your group of friends. Flaunting your pool by arranging a poolside party will be great this summer, but won’t the party look dull at night if you don’t do something with your pool? Are you brainstorming options? Here are some excellent ideas!

A night by your pool can be magnificent if you choose the right way to decorate it. The right light can give it a magical look. We at Prolectric, a reputed electric company in OKC, can help you decorate for a poolside party according to the theme and occasion.

Focus On the Pool Deck

When you are planning for a poolside party, it is expected that most of the activities will revolve around the pool. In-ground lights for the pool deck will be perfect to light up the area and maintain the party look without harsh lights. In addition to the benefit of the appearance, the lights will not be damaged due to the crowd, as in-ground lights cannot be accidentally tipped over and broken.

birds eye view poolside

Bird’s-eye concept

This concept is all about arranging lights high above the floor to illuminate the entire area, but it does not add a mesmerizing effect to the party. If your area is a pretty big one, this can be the right choice for you. You can hang the lights in the trees as well, but that will not have the same effect, though trees have always been an extremely popular support for lights in open spaces.

Tiki torches

You can consult us if you like tiki torches. Don’t worry, they won’t be of poor quality to spoil your fun. We provide tiki lights made of high-quality brass and copper. Filling them with oil will bring you the ambience of the torch flame to ignite your party mood.

Highlighting Trees

Highlighting trees is the perfect way to light up the smaller areas. Soft lights provided by an electric company in OKC will not make the party space feel harsh. Matching the appropriate lights to each tree can make your place no less attractive than a resort.

Other Water Features

Don’t ignore the additional water features adjacent to the pool if you have them. A waterfall with its own rhythmic lighting will make your place even better than any conventional party place. Here we suggest lighting the waterfall from underneath to make it look amazing.

pool party

Illuminating Structures

If you have a pergola or similar structure near the pool, you can decorate it with lights also. It can serve the purpose of shading during the daytime for serving drinks, and at night you can use it for dining and hosting BBQs.

Lighting Steps

You can ask your electrician to install dimmed lights in the steps of the patio or deck according to the existing design. You can use lights focusing downwardto safely but subtly illuminate the stairs without distracting from other features of the poolside.

We recommend that you hire a professional to install the lights, as it involves wires and electrical connections. Without the help of an electric company in OKC, you could have an accident. We at Prolectric are here to help you with customized service suitable for your needs and preferences.