5 Signs Your Electrical Outlet Should Be Replaced

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Electrical outlets are the lifelines of any house. Every gadget, cooking appliance and mobile phone needs an electrical outlet to stay active. If the electrical outlets are not working, the homeowner can have a grave problem. An outdated outlet is prone to accidents, and that can cause a serious problem in the house.  Therefore, it should be upgraded or replaced immediately. You should call an electrician in OKC to inspect your outlets and replace them if necessary.

How do you know there is a problem with the electrical outlet? Loose plugs, a warm wall, damaged plates and others are easy-to-spot signs of a damaged outlet.

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Signs You Should Replace Your Outlets

  1. According to the latest technology, every outlet should have at least three holes. If there is an outlet in your home with only two holes, it should be replaced. Two-prong outlets are prone to give shocks and can permanently damage electronics.
  2. If you plug in one of your gadgets and it does not stay there—if the plug slides halfway out or does not fit securely with the outlet—this is a sign of loose plugs. There could be an internal wiring problem also, and an electrician in OKC can detect and fix it.
  3. If you cannot touch the outlet because of the heat generated, you should call an electrician.
  4. If the outlet and the wall surrounding it are discolored, you should not delay calling an electrician. If not attended to, it can cause flashing, burning or other significant damage. To protect your house from an electrical accident and loss, you should replace it.
  5. If the outlet sparks or puts off smoke when you plug in an appliance, you should call an electrician in OKC without delay.
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Other Reasons to Upgrade Outlets

Other than the above-mentioned points, there are still a few reasons to upgrade an electrical outlet. The latest innovations and technological conveniences make outlets much safer, less space consuming, easy to install and user-friendly. If you have children or elderly people in your home, you should choose these updated outlets.

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