Smart Ways to Fix Noisy Ceiling Fans

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An excellent way to cool off a space is to turn on a ceiling fan. Homeowners save numerous bucks using wind chill instead of air conditioning on warm days. A noisy ceiling fan, however, is an incredible frustration. Get to understand how anyone can solve these fans with just a bit of elbow grease. The findings will be a long-lasting fan for years to come. Otherwise, skilled electrician in OKC can also solve your issues related to noisy ceiling fans.

Clean Off the Blades

Cleaning the blades is the easiest way to calm a loud ceiling fan. For many months, some supporters are sitting idle. Staub and grease accumulate on the surfaces of the blades. Therefore, they become unbalanced.

Wipe each blade carefully with a damp rag. Clean the mounts of the blade too. With just a straightforward cleaning, the noise can be reduced. After you have cleaned the blades, then test them to see if this made a difference. These ceiling fan blades can hold quite a lot of dust.

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Tighten the Blade Screws

All ceiling fan blades are linked to a mount on the assembly. They typically have an ornamental appearance, but they are more functional than inhabitants might know. Due to the rotational speed of the blades, the screws inside the mounts can get loosed with the extend of time.

Look at these screws. You must tighten them. With this step, a noisy ceiling fan can be fixed in many instances. Residents may want to conduct this job frequently so that noisy circumstances are not a frequent event.

Tighten Light-Fixture Fasteners

A lot of ceiling fans come with light fixtures. Combining these characteristics into one appliance makes sense. However, the world or cover on the fixture may loosen.

Access the cover and inspect the fasteners. Take the chance to remove the cover. Wash it and inspect the bulb still connected to the fan. If needed, replace the bulb. Call an electrician in OKC to do it.

Reattach the cover while tightening the fasteners closely. The fan should now function without any noise.

Examine Any Warped Blades

All blades on the fan should have the same shape and orientation. This tip for troubleshooting needs a keen eye for ceiling level warps.

Use a ladder to access the blades of the fan. Look at the profiles of the blades as a resident transform them manually. No blades should look greater or lower than the next.

Bend into the form of any handles that do not match the others. Residents may need to substitute one or two blades in some instances to obtain a balanced look.


Check the Engine of the Fan

The fan's top part makes an electrical buzzing noise. Check the ceiling fan engine to make sure it is lubricated with oil and there are no loose parts. Secure all engine screws. If the engine is buzzing no matter what you do, remove it and check it. If you've done everything to try and fix it, the engine itself may be shot and it's not worth fixing. A fresh ceiling fan can be the answer.

Do you have a ceiling fan that keeps you noisy at night or in your living space? Can't discover the reason? Hire electrician in OKC from Prolectric and your problem will be fixed easily.