Safety First: The Rulebook for Electrical Use

Rulebook for Electrical Use

Whether regarding your household electric or a commercial system, safety is paramount. Electricity is essential but dangerous enough to cause hazards. Therefore, whenever you are installing new electric appliances or repairing an existing one, safety should your top priority. You can hire an electric company in OKC to take care of your electric system, but you need to know some precautionary measures yourself too.

Plugging into a GFCI

GFCI stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, a protective measure for all the plugin points pertaining to a temporary electric supply. When you are connecting an extension cord to the power supply, a GFCI should be installed and attached.

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Hiring Licensed Electricians

When a single faulty wire can cause you to face a serious disaster, you shouldn’t hire unauthorized people to handle your electrical system. Only a licensed electrician from an electric company in OKC should perform the job. The planning and implementation of greater protection can be done according to the guidance of that professional, and thus, you can also cut down chances of injury.

Checking the Cords

Before using any extension cord, it is imperative to check it. If the insulation is completely free from tears, cracks or abrasions, it can be used safely. Be cautious before using the cord if it is tangled. Tangles can damage the seamless electric flow and cause accidents.

Checking the Wiring

Checking the Wiring

Before cutting through a wall, ceiling or floor, thoroughly check the area for hidden electrical wires. Otherwise, you can face severe consequences like getting electrocuted.

Checking Power Tools

If you use power tools, inspect them on a regular basis. Check the power cord and plug in addition to the rest of the tool for signs of excessive wear, and have it repaired if necessary. During use, if it starts to smoke, smell burnt, overheat or shock you, turn it off and unplug the cord immediately.

Before Modifying a Plug

Never try to modify electrical plugs on your own. Instead, hire a professional electric company in OKC to do it safely. Removing the ground pin or modifying a plug to fit in a socket will increase the chance of electrocution and even fire.

Using Extension Cords

Using Extension Cords

When using an extension cord, be sure to keep it out of reach so that it won’t be stepped on or driven over. If the conductor breaks, it may lead to an electrical fire. You won’t be able to see whether the cable is damaged or not from the outside, so it is better to take precautions.

Keeping Away From Water

Keeping all the electrical items away from water belongs in the cardinal rulebook of electric safety. Make sure you keep all electrical tools and other items stored above the water level, and never use them in a wet environment.

According to the professionals, these measures can save you from severe electrical disasters. You can learn more from Prolectric Contractors, an electric company in OKC that offers all types of electrical service performed only by experts.