Increase Warmth But Not Your Energy Bill

You get excited about Christmas, New Years and many other festivities that winter brings with it, but whenever you think about the frigid weather, the chilling breeze and a heap of snow, you start shivering. Many think that when there is a heating system in a room, why would you have to tolerate the freezing cold? But it is the energy bill that worries you the most. You can get the electrical system in your home checked by an emergency electrician in Oklahoma City, OK, to make sure that an outdated or faulty electrical system is not responsible for the energy bill rise.


There are also other ways to decrease your energy bill while still keeping yourself warm in the frigid weather. Here are some tips for you.

  • Nature does not deprive you. You can use its light and warmth in your home. During the daytime, it is best practice to open the blinds of your room and allow the sunlight to enter. After dark, you should close the blinds to preserve the warmth inside.

  • Having a programmable thermostat is a good thing to have in your home. You need to have a clear idea about how to program the thermostat to maximize its heating capabilities and keep it energy efficient. When you are awake, you can keep the thermostat level high but before going to bed program it to be at a lower level to save energy.

  • Believe it or not, ceiling fans are not there solely for cooling purposes. They have the capability to keep your home warm in the winter. To get this effect, you need to change the direction of the ceiling fan. In summer, the anti-clockwise motion of the fan will give you cool air and in winter it pushes hot air with a clockwise rotation. If you have any difficulty with changing the direction, call our emergency electrician in Oklahoma City, OK, we are available for standard appointments as well.

  • Don’t skip wearing warm clothes inside your home. If you want to remove all warm clothes, you need to keep your thermostat high. Get some comfortable warm clothes to wear in the home. It will help you to stay warm without raising the energy bill.

  • If you have an HVAC system, make sure the vents are unobstructed and clean. If the vents fail to remove cold air from your home, you will not get adequate warmth. As you are trying to increase the temperature, it results in a higher energy bill.

Consult our emergency electrician in Oklahoma City, OK, to get more information to combat winter without burning a hole in your pocket. Our professional team at Prolectric Contractors can give you more options and detailed information.