How Can an Electrical Upgrade Increase the Resale Value of Your Home?

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Considering postponing electricity upgrades at home as you plan to market it? Hold on! The sale of a house with dubious cables and electrical systems is a bad idea. What should you replace before selling and what can you leave to the buyers' judgment?

Enticing Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

These upgrades are vital to reduce the need for endless price negotiations after the home inspection and help get a better price or higher offer in today's tight housing market. Ask our electrician in OKC to know where you can upgrade your electrical system.

Updating Wiring System

Tube and knob wiring, are a significant reason for domestic fires that were installed ages back and a pain for both homeowners and buyers. The entire home should have modern strong copper wires and sufficient grounding for safety and for managing the massive electronic load of today's homes.

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Upgrading Old Electrical Service

Your home should be wired for 200 amps, not traditional 60-amp older homes that do not support today's homes with the sheer number of electric appliances and electricity use.

Grounded Outlets

There is nothing like dusty two-prong outlets that says it won't satisfy today's high-tech buyers. It is the digital age, and today's home buyers want plugs and wiring, on which they can depend. It must be possible for all outlets to accept properly grounded 3-pronged plugs. It may not matter if the old TV is surged, but buyers are concerned about their sensitive and costly smart gadgetry.

Sufficient Outlets

Impress buyers with several outlets per room because extension cords are dangerous. In every room, in convenient places such as near the nightstand, outside the front door or in the bathroom, multiple outlets should be found.

A New Circuit Breaker Panel

All cables should pass through the breaker panel. Those who are older or out of date, e.g. bulb-style panels recalled or incorrectly modified panels will procrastinate home sale. Besides affecting the functionality of the home, it will also affect the insurability of your home. Now you know why before putting our home on sale, you should call our electrician in OKC.


All the outlets in the kitchen, bathroom, garage or other water areas should be GFCI equipped as risks of electrical shock is high in those places. These devices monitor the electric current and immediately cut it off when a disbalance is detected.

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The upgrade of power cables is a big task for a straightforward reason: all wires are behind the walls. Every house is different, and the price depends on the market, yet you can easily look at a loan of several thousand dollars for a whole house rewiring job. Most of it involves working on the wires, running the cables, connecting them to every switch and exit, closing the holes and cleaning the mess.

Structured Cables

You may also run all the wires you can if you spend money and cut holes in the walls. You will be ready for future power requirements in this way. Structured cabling is one smart investment. These are high-speed cables which allow the latest features on TVs, stereos, computers, game consoles, telephones and security systems — in addition to internet-based household systems such as heating and illumination. While a standard electrical upgrade maintains your home's value, it can be increased by the addition of structured cables.

Prolectric Contractors are always here to have your back. Our electricians in OKC know how to upgrade your home electrically. Even if you are selling your home, this is imperative for the sake of family safety, something potential buyers surely value.