Handyman or Electrician? Don’t Mix-Up the Two!

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Electrical hazards are one of those problems that can bring fatal consequences. Reports show that due to low maintenance and improper repairs, these incidents take place. Death from electrocution is the worst case scenario, but there are other problems which can cause pretty stressful situations.

Even if a problem seems minor to you, trying to fix it yourself would be a mistake. If you are not a professional, you shouldn’t try anything that does not belong to your expertise. If you live in Oklahoma City, call for an electrician in OKC and let them inspect the problem.


Another misconception that also leads to several problems is calling a handyman for an electrical problem. You may say that it is better than trying to fix it yourself and yes it is, however, it is not recommended for every electrical problem in your household. Handymen are the jack of all trades, but they do not have expertise on everything. When can you call handymen?

  1. You have to paint your room.

  2. You have to look after floor tiles. 

  3. You need a helping hand to decorate your home.

  4. You need to plant some trees in your garden.

In these similar improvement projects, you can hire a handyman for assistance. They are not licensed for any particular work, but they can help you with odd jobs. Can you trust them for electrical repair or installation? It is not encouraged.


When an electrician in OKC is recommended for electrical installation and repairs in your home, you should know the benefits of hiring them.

  1. If you hire a licensed person, you do not have to worry about anything else, he knows his job well and his license demonstrates his adequate knowledge.

  2. A professional electrician in OKC can inspect the problem and tell you the core issue along with the potential risks of it. This can save you from further mishaps.

  3. Installation will be according to the proper methods and requirements. The professional will understand the problem better and know the process to eliminate it. This will ensure the entire process will be done in the desired manner.

It is possible that a handyman may charge less than a professional electrician in OKC. This is quite natural, but it is not smart to cut corners to save some bucks. Call Prolectric for a professional service that will leave you with no room for complaint.