Flickering Lights and What They Could Mean

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Various variables trigger flickering lights. The popular reason is that when an appliance or piece of appliance is plugged in, your electrical system is temporarily overwhelmed. Often in old homes, this is no concern at all, but if it occurs regularly, you may want to upgrade your electrical system.

LED Flickering

Of course, some kinds of lighting technology are more likely than others to flicker. For example, fluorescent lights sometimes split within the first minute when the switches are turned on or when the bulbs are connected to a failed ballast. LED lights can also flicker when attached wrongly to a conductor or some dimming systems. Neither shows an electric problem, but if your flickering becomes too irritating, you may want to replace your lamps.

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Corrupted Switch

If a certain light bulb or set of bulbs with the same switch is controlled, that often flicker, it could be a sign of a defective light switch. If it is not replaced, the switch may overheat and trigger an electric fire, so stop using a defective switch right away until a repair or substitution is possible.

Loose Bulb

It's easier because your light bulb has been screwed into the socket too loose. It may sound like a no-brainer to check this for many kinds of lighting, but it may not be easier to remember the recessed light or other fixtures in which the bulb is not exposed. Before checking this problem, ensure that your light is switched off and a heavy-duty handle is placed, before you grab and strain your light bulb, as it is probably very warm.

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Why LED Lights Flickering

Flickering LED lights is a distinct problem, normally not related to your electric system, but the dimmer switch on your lights or your lighting devices. A dimmer switch works several times per second by powering up and down the electricity. Since traditional bulbs have a thermal metal that drives light, the glistening metal slowly cools down, and the dimming impact is created. LED bulbs function differently and have no heated filaments so the LED bulb passes on and off, as the energy source causes the flicker when you use a dimmer switch. The flattery is totally harmless, although it can be irritating. Look for the dimmer buttons for LED lamps to solve the flicker or all an electrician in OKC.

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Call Professional

You could have a loose connection in your electricity if your lights are still flicking and you can't find the origin. If you deal with the problem instantly, electric fires can be avoided. Prolectric has covered you with 24/7 electrical emergency service or electrician in OKC.