Do You Have a Dedicated Circuit for Appliances That Need it?

Functioning electricity is necessary to take care of a home for obvious reasons including security and safety. It really does not need to explain why we need electricity at home or anywhere else. Our home is full of appliances and the majority of appliances are operated by electricity. It has been seen that people would use the same circuit to operate appliances. To do this with a few appliances is completely fine but for a select number, this is a strict no-no. Depending on duty type or electricity consumption, there should be a dedicated circuit. Do you have any idea about dedicated circuits? What appliances should have such a circuit? We have collected information from the 24-hour electrician from OKC.

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What is a Dedicated Circuit?

As the name suggests, this circuit is for a single electrical appliance. It has a singular purpose and has a completely separate place in the breaker box. In there, it does not interact with other circuits or outlets. There should be a dedicated circuit for the appliances that need a large amount of electricity or power consumptions are very high, such as a refrigerator or HVAC system etc.

Why Do You Need It?

It is really problematic to have dedicated circuit for each appliance in the home, but you have to make sure that there are set circuits for the appliances which really need them. Why can you not just avoid it? Apart from staying compliant to state law, you need to avoid the hazards involved. Without a dedicated circuit for a certain appliances, you may face problems such as fire, electric shock, appliance damage, breaker trips, flickering lights etc.

Appliances That Need Dedicated Service

  • LED television

  • Water pumps

  • Refrigerator and standing freezers

  • Microwave oven and stoves

  • Heater or cooling systems

You can follow their electrical lines to ensure they have dedicated circuits, or you can ask a 24-hour electrician in OKC. For smaller devices you do not need such circuits. But for a select few portable devices it is highly recommended, like a hair dryer, window air conditioner, toasters and others. If you have such appliances but do not have dedicated circuits, call a 24-hours electrician in OKC now. We, Prolectric, are always ready to serve you.