Checklist – Underrated Kitchen Appliances

Some people fear cooking and spend as little time as possible in the kitchen eating everything from the microwave. Others love to cook and produce their daily cuisine. A few small kitchen appliances can make cooking simple— even fun, no matter whether you like cooking or not. You'll cook like a pro with just a button with the right electric appliances in your kitchen but make sure to call an electrician in OKC to check all the setup, load, and ground fault outlets before installing. Here are a few electrical appliances underrated that you need to cook:

Espresso Machine

With more and more of us transitioning from coffee lovers to coffee experts, how one makes a cup of coffee is really important. Why not make your own rather than purchasing your coffee and disappointing you with the lack of cream or milk? Many espresso machines are available on the market. Pods, ground coffee, or straight-up beans can be used with those.

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Toaster Oven

While they need more space than an typical toaster, toaster ovens are one of our most beloved, versatile small kitchen equipment. Baked goods such as chunky bagels, canned buns and pastries may be too big or sticky for a regular toaster. However, just put the items on the mini tray, slide it in with a toaster oven, and your dishes going to be baked in no time. Moreover, there's no fun stopping. For example, you cook with your toaster oven fast if you make a little meal or heat a pizza or lasagna. You want to put a chicken on to roast? No problem!

Electric Tea-Kettle

You love a good cup of tea, of course, but you still need a tea-kettle even if you don't. For some seconds, kettles hold water at a rolling boil, so that you can pour water on your teabag at the right temperature. They are also great to boil your pasta or hot chocolate's water, as well as sterilize things.


A kitchen is not complete without your microwave, and its use is endless. You can undoubtedly reheat food, but you can also make cakes and bacon! Hundreds of microwaves are on the market, and some are also going to grill or bake for you.

Countertop Grill with Additional Plates

Grilling food provides excellent taste to the health-conscious among us, often with minimal fat. However, the weather often controls when we get that delicious smoke flavor. Well, you will be able to cookout every day of the year if you invest in a countertop grill. This small kitchen equipment is ideal to cook meat and drain excess fat quickly. Both sides are cooked simultaneously as even lovely grill marks show.

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Progress in recent years has made it more affordable and more accessible to use fast, highly powered blenders! Instantly mix, whip, chop and puree with no bulky apparatus, which takes a ton of counter room. A small electrical mixer makes it easy to make healthy smoothies, vegetable soups and cut veggies.

Food Processor

Cutting and grinding by hand with a food processor is a thing of the past. Save money by making butters from whole nuts, hummus, baby food, whipped cream, or salsa. Chop fresh vegetables without dirtying a cutting board and knife in just seconds. Most manufacturers include a variety of tools for shredding, slicing, blending and pressing.

Rice Cooker

A cooker of rice can do more than cook rice. Rice cookers will cook rice indeed. The handy small appliances will cook basmati, jasmine, brown and white rice consistently and effectively without water boiling over. You can also use rice cookers, however, to steam and make hot oatmeal and make poached fruits, slow cook soup or beans.

If you have any queries regarding electrical appliance installation or kitchen outlets for them, ask our electrician in OKC. At Prolectric, we have our team always at your service.