Add More Appeal to Your Yard with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

With spring finally here, we’re likely to have a time great outdoors — which probably involves relaxation, hosting parties with friends or a family dinner. Don’t allow the fun to stop after sunset simply because of the lack of outdoor lighting. It's all about selecting the right kind of lighting to put in your backyard to create a perfect environment. To help you begin, expert electricians in OKC have come up with some tips and advice.

  • Ensure that three fundamental lighting types are incorporated: ambient lighting, task lights, and accent lighting. Pathway lights, deck and safety lights are included in task lighting. Moreover, with landscape lighting kits you can have easy outdoor lighting accents.

  • You need to understand the amount of lighting needed before you start shopping. You can multiply the area size in square feet to be illuminated by one and a half which will estimate the total required wattage of light your space needs.

  • Test the loading source to see that you have plenty of supporting power before purchasing landscape lighting systems. Proper planning increases your property's beauty, makes your home more secure and increases your home's value — all the benefits that you will appreciate for years.

  • Look at your area and measure so that you don't choose oversized light fixtures. Before purchasing, note the dimensions and location of the fixture. The outside wall light looks best if sized to about one-third of door height for either the back patio or front porch. You'll want to ensure that you have a robust light, a high-quality material that is resistant to weather.

Outdoor Lighting

  • Looking at the place indoors may help you to decide what light you want and how it is placed around the yard. Think about the look of gardens, patios, and paths in your home. Lighting landscaping gives a night view looking out of the living and dining rooms. Consider path lights or use outdoor solar light to update your style quickly and easily.

  • ED lights are cost-effective as they use less power than any normal bulbs. They use less than a quarter of the electricity. Moreover, they are nearly maintenance free, so you're not going to have to replace bulbs.

  • Your guests don't want intense light as they enjoy outdoor meals; stick with the soft glow light. Outdoor rooms, particularly restaurants, benefit from indirect lighting which helps to create a relaxing mood. The use of lanterns and fans outdoors, fitted with lights to shine on sitting areas is common solution. Install a variable dimming switch for normal light when preparing food and dim it for dinner and relaxation.

Outdoor lighting can beautify your property as well as transforming spaces and adding security. Call your nearest expert electrician in OKC and get a recommendation for installing the most suitable outdoor lighting.